Studio RTA Producer Station Maple
  • 26-1/4" wide slide-out keyboard shelf
  • Ergonomic workspace
  • Dual 20-space racks
  • Steel frame construction
Studio RTA products are your best bet if you want the perfect mixture of style and comfort. These products are also quite economical, and their features make them a good pick as far as studio desks are concerned.

There are many reasons why this workstation has got my vote. The biggest reason for this is that its design is very ergonomic. With the Studio RTA Producer Station Maple’s ergonomic design, you can sit at your workstation for an extended period without straining your back.

In a nutshell, the Studio RTA Producer Station Maple is a very high-quality product that is extremely functional and managed to bring both style and comfort into one single product. Its ergonomic design makes it appealing for home studios.

Studio RTA Producer Station Features

The Studio RTA Producer Station Maple comes jam-packed with many impressive features. As mentioned above, its best feature has to be its ergonomic design, which helps relieves back pain. However, that is not the only feature. People are often left surprised as to how functional the Studio RTA Producer Station Maple can be. For example, unlike other workstations, this product is very easy to assemble. The average time of assembly for this desk is 60-90 minutes, which is significantly lower than most workstations.

Another important feature of the Studio RTA Producer Station is the rack mounts, which are extremely sturdy and robust.

Another great feature of the Producer Station Maple is its well-advertised 20 space racks. The sheer number of these racks means that you can store all of your studio equipment in designated spaces with plenty of room left. However, there is more to these racks than just quantity, as evident from the 26.25-inch wide keyboard shelf. If you think that the 20 shelves were impressive, wait till you see how well-made the said shelves are. This workstation is, by far, one of the most functional products I have reviewed.


  • Massive and sturdy (weighs an impressive 150 pounds!)
  • High levels of comfort (perfect for those who use their computers for longer periods)
  • Dual 20 space racks
  • A 25-inch wide keyboard shelf that slides out
  • Rigid steel frame construction
  • Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional at the same time
  • Designed to last forever


  • The wheels of the workstation tend to break, which reduces portability

Studio RTA Producer Station Review – Wrap Up

There are many reasons why the Studio RTA Producer Station Maple is widely considered to be one of the best studio workstations. There is no doubt in I mind that the Producer Station Maple will stand the test of time, even if you do not take care of it too well.

5/5 (1 Review)