Sennheiser MD 421 II Cardioid Dynamic Mic
  • Rugged professional microphone
  • Five position bass roll-off switch
  • Effective feedback rejection
  • Clear sound reproduction
  • Easy handling due to pronounced directivity

People who extensively use the MD 421 II dynamic microphone in the recording studio or anywhere else will know how effective it is, and the quality results it provides.

Sennheiser was founded by an electrical engineer named Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser in the year 1945. Ever since it came into being, the company has been ceaselessly setting different trends in the audio and sound industry. Its inspiration, passion, and innovation are making its products extremely successful all over the world. It creates premium quality microphones, headphones, and all other audio products which make the user’s auditory experience perfect by delivering them excellent sound.

This review is based on Sennheiser’s most popular microphone, which is the MD 421 II. This mic’s versatility and diversity make it widely acclaimed. It has a high capability to handle and control maximum sound pressure. It is an entirely cardioid pattern microphone which comprises of five-position bass control, making it a perfect choice for most of the musical instruments including drums and guitar as well as for radio broadcast announcers and group vocals.

Thanks to its exceptional mid-range frequency response, it goes well with a lot of instruments like bass amplifiers, electric guitars, and drums. Besides, it has an incredibly high voice pick-up strength, which can assist in recording sound effects after shooting a movie. If you want a high-quality and industry-standard microphone, it is the best option for you

Sennheiser MD 421 II Features

The MD 421 II cardioid dynamic microphone has numerous features. It contains a five-position bass roll-off setting, which allows you to adjust the microphone according to your voice. It compensates for the proximity effect and lets you drop the bass with the frequency.

It is made up of a composite glass housing and stainless steel basket, which makes it long-lasting, unbreakable, and rugged so that it can withstand the strain, hardships, and pressure of high sound volumes. Furthermore, thanks to its pronounced and striking directivity, it is very easy to handle. It also comes with a microphone clip.

It has an effective feedback rejection feature and a frequency response as low as 30 Hz and as high as 17,000 Hz, which helps significantly in the reproduction of clear, intense sound especially for live performances and recording audio.

The MD 421 II is a cardioid pattern microphone, which is why it picks up only the require sound and the entire ambient and unnecessary noise is hardly noticeable. This type of microphone contains a pattern of sensitivity, which allows it to capture the sound coming only from the front of the microphone and ignores other minimal noises. Moreover, its acoustic parts are closed off at the inner framework which helps lessen reactivity to humidity and dust.


It is a cardioid microphone that can be used for numerous different tasks. This microphone is said to be one of the most recognized microphones present in the world. It provides a remarkable sound quality that allows it to manage and adjust to various recording and broadcasting conditions.

The MD 421 II’s highly cardioid directional pattern allows an excellent feedback reaction, which makes it the perfect option for live recordings or those recording situations where a bleed from a particular instrument can be a problem.

Since it has five selectable bass roll-off setting, it helps a lot in controlling the proximity effect to avoid any unnatural bass boost. These roll-off settings are also ideal for close-up vocal situations and enable you to get a comprehensible and polished sound.

The overall construction of the MD 421 II is comprised of a hardened stainless steel basket for capsule protection and a glass composite housing which allows you to give a durable and sturdy performance onstage or in the studio.


There are not many drawbacks of this remarkable microphone, but if we consider some small flaws which are not that noticeable, we can say that this microphone needs to be placed very near to the source of the sound if you want the best sound quality. This action, however, has to be done with most microphones since if you put the mic too far away from your mouth, you will not be able to get the desired sound.

The other con that we can mention is that if you’re using a microphone with a five-bass roll-off switch, it will be a little confusing for you to use it for the first time.

Sennheiser MD 421 II Review – Wrap-up

This Sennheiser MD 241 II microphone is no doubt a legendary dynamic microphone. It has been used in many music productions globally. It produces excellent sound quality and is highly versatile for its applications. It was engineered for providing recording solutions and broadcasting needs, but now it is widely used for overall vocal, music, radio, and other recording requirements. It has a durable construction and exceptional sound quality, which makes it a must-have microphone for your studio.

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