sE Electronics - 2200 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Mic...
  • Frequency range- 20hz-20khz
  • 48v Power
  • Sensitivity-23.7mV/Pa
  • Max SPL-125/135/145db
  • Impedance-<50 ohms

Siwei Zou founded SE Electronics in 2000. This company has flourished in the sound industry and turned out to be one of the top businesses. A group of self-motivated professionals is responsible for managing the business, and its services are spread out across four cities in three different continents. A huge number of musicians have used and loved the sE2200a; the newer model carries this tradition forward with added features. It is considered an ideal microphone for all types of musicians, ranging from beginners to advanced musicians. This device is an upgraded version of sE’s previous mic model, which has previously been an award winner and used by Grammy Awards events.

SE SE2200A II C Review

The sE2200a II C comes with many remarkable features and specifications. Some of them are similar to the previous model such as the crafted 1″ gold-sputtered diaphragm, which is the same as the first-generation model. This feature is the one that gave this company a well-established microphone manufacturer reputation. It is built in the same way as it was before: hand-made using the same techniques as the old European capsules that have been used for years. It has a cardioid directional pattern, max SPL (sound performance lab) for 50% THD and 135 dB. The frequency response varies from 20 Hz and 20 kHz and a supply voltage (phantom power) that ranges among 48V+-4V. The product is also complete (for a limited amount of time) with a new universal, black shock mount. The black paint helps reduce any chassis resistance.

It is also known as the best vocal mic regarding quality and cost-effectiveness in the market. It weighs 2.9 pounds. The product dimensions are 6″ x 9″ x 11″. The diaphragm measures 32mm and is available in a gold color with an impedance of 200 ohms and sensitivity of 25.12 mV per Pascal. The signal-to-noise ratio is 80 dB and self-noise is 14 dB. The pass filter switch is measured at 60Hz along with a pre-attenuation base of -10 dB. Similar connectors of XLR3F and power strength of a 48V phantom accompany the microphone.

Every product has its pros and cons attached. Following listed are the perks and downfalls of owning the latest and upgraded version of the sE2200a II C.

The microphone provides the listener with 3D vocals. This feature is not provided by many microphone companies and leaves the sounds warm and nice. Along with this, since the product’s quality is excellent by itself, the music’s performance is twice as good.
Simply put, the sE2200a II C provides all its users with high quality for a small price. Compared to the price, the performance of the microphone is marvelous. This product delivers value for money, which would attract a large number of consumers.
The microphone, as previously mentioned, is hand-built. Each mic is manufactured, assembled, and tested individually with extra care and attention. The designers responsible are a team of skilled capsule technicians. These capsules are the soul of the product.
An isolation pack accompanies every microphone set. This pack has the product’s curved metal pop filter. This filter is adequately fit into the shock mount and is adjustable in every manner for the best results.
While the microphone is performing, there is a little presence bump at 10Hz, lending the mic in an airy-sounding high end. Since it is very minor, it can be hardly noticed by users. The company has subtly covered it up.
The product is slightly loose in the frame that comes with it. This may cause a few problems for users when they are setting it up with a mic stand. However, separate tools can be bought to fix this issue so that the mic is easily adjustable.
A few users have stated that the microphone is giving out a particular white noise. This may seem like a problem, but the programs installed for this product must also be rechecked. Users must install the right programs for its performance to be 100% perfect.

SE SE2200A II C Review – Wrap-Up

Recorders have praised the SE Electronics sE2200a’s vocal quality the most and stated that it is one of the best for rap vocals and instruments. They also prefer this microphone over the BLUE Yeti microphone. It is decently priced and delivers a clear and dynamic sound. It has a super solid build as well.

5/5 (1 Review)