Rode NTK Premium Tube Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • Large 1 inch capsule with gold plated diaphragm
  • Class A valve circuitry
  • Ultra low noise; Frequency Range 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Wide dynamic range

Rode Microphones was established in 1967 and is an Australian based company. It manufactures microphones, related accessories, and other audio software. Its devices are used in studio and location sound recording along with live sound reinforcement. The Rode NTK Tube Condenser Microphone is a high-quality product at a good price. It has been praised for its excellent vocals and uses an externally polarized capsule with a twin-triode 6922 tube.

The Rode NTK gives users the best of both worlds with its classic and modern music characteristics. It does so by combining rich, powerful and natural sounds and bringing them into one classical beat. With the gentle presence boost, the sound quality is excellent, especially the vocals, and the rhythm enhances as you hit the capsule with more level. The NTK is specially designed for experienced musicians who desire only the top-of-the-line merchandise.

This microphone is imported from Australia, which is its primary origin. It weighs 14.2 pounds and its dimensions are 26″ x 6″ x 13″. It has been ranked on the 57th position out of the top 100 in the Musical Instruments list on Amazon.

This microphone is a no-brainer for people who are searching for something that will deliver exceptional quality at a fair price. It has received good reviews and attracted many consumers. The Rode NTK Tube Condenser Microphone is an excellent buy as it is guaranteed to perform well for a long time.

Rode NTK Features

The features that cause this microphone to stand out in the market are its HF2 capsule and Australian layout. The dynamic complexity of this device is accompanied with a very reactive transducer that consists of a manually-selected dual-triode 6922 plug and excellent audio quality parts and design. It also comes with a power source, a cable measuring 30 feet, case, and a stand adapter. It has a large 1″ capsule with a gold diaphragm with excellent valve circuitry. The noise is low, and the dynamic range is outstanding. The product’s dual-triode valve is individually selected by hand and graded. It has a reliable power supply with great heat-resistant steel mesh top, long-lasting nickel finishing, internal capsule shock mounting, and a high level of RF rejection.

The frequency response varies within 20 Hz and 20 kHz along with an impedance output rate of 200 ohms. The maximum SPL is 158 dB SPL (at a rate of 1 kHz, 1% THD into 1-kilo ohms load) along with a maximum output level of 29mV. The sensitivity is negative 38 dB re 1 volt/Pascal (25 mV at a rate of 94 dB SPL).

The product also comes with a one-year warranty along with a free extension for ten years (through a registration process).

Every product has its pros and cons. Following are the perks and downfalls of owning the latest version of the Rode NTK Tube Condenser Microphone.


  • This mic can be used for many purposes. These include vocals along with singing, acoustic instruments, drums, classical guitars, upright bass, and percussion.
  • Users have stated this mic to be very durable and long-lasting.
  • It delivers excellent value for money.
  • Smoothness, purity, and immediacy are guaranteed.


  • The power supply tube requires changing now and then, which may be a costly procedure. However, if a good supplier is found, this problem can be resolved immediately.
  • According to many users, this mic works in a much more efficient manner if the tubes are often changed. On the other hand, this is a matter of opinion and not compulsory at all.
  • The placement of the mic is slightly out of shape, but only a small adjustment is needed to make it just right.
  • Even though NTK has a power supply of 48V, it needs some pre-amp to power it such as Grace 101 and FMR Audio RNP.  They can be purchased from any audio store easily.
  • Some other things are needed as well such as a mic stand, shock mount, pop filter.

Rode NTK Review – Wrap-up

Users from all around the world have claimed The Rode NTK to have remarkable quality and functions. While recording, this mic picks up more than just the voice; it picks up the hidden bass as well, and the results are outstanding. The outcome is a wide and powerful range, less disturbance, and great tube warmth. The NTK’s valve sound is perfect for musical instruments, vocals, drums, keyboards, and guitar amps. It provides an enriched sound experience. The Rode NTK is durable and available at a decent price for the quality offered.

5/5 (1 Review)