Pioneer HRM-7 Studio Headphones
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  • Studio sound design
  • Fully enclosed pads
  • Comfortable monitoring

The HRM-7 is a professional studio headphone launched by Pioneer. The Japanese company was founded in 1938 by a man named Nozomu Matsumoto. The initiative began with Matsumoto repairing speakers in his garage. Since then, it has expanded and acquired an international status in the production of audio and video equipment which can be used in cars, at homes, and in professional studios. Currently, the company is known to dabble into the manufacture of monitor speakers, headphones, DJ players, DJ mixers, and DJ controllers. The HRM-7 is the latest and first of the headphones made by Pioneer for professional use.

The HRM-7 is the first of Pioneer’s headphones built for professional use. It has dual air chambers which increase airflow, allowing the device to offer a tight, well-controlled bass. It possesses a 40-millimeter HD driver, which results in a distinctive clarity of sound, enabling the device to reproduce frequencies from 5 kHz to 40 kHz. Moreover, the HRM-7 has a powerful yet lightweight built which includes a self-adjusting, elastic inner headband and two ear pads filled with memory-foam. The device is, thus, extremely comfortable for use and budget-friendly.

Pioneer HRM-7 Features

The HRM-7 professional studio headphones have been built with some quite outstanding features. One of its principal features is the 40 millimeter HD driver which is an advanced, recently developed driver. It allows for a high-resolution sound and enables the headphones to support frequencies as high as 40 kHz and as low as 5 kHz.

Another feature is the way these headphones have been constructed. When it comes to dimension, they measure about 12.1 x 10.3 x 5.3 inches. Their built is quite lightweight as the item weighs only 11.7 ounces. Do not be fooled, however, for the headphones have been constructed using composite material and high-grade metal. Moreover, the comfort this pair provides is extraordinary.

The HRM-7 design includes a standard headband and two ear cups. The prominent part is the elasticity of the inner head strap which requires no manual adjustments from the user – it adjusts itself to suit user comfortability. The ear cups are themselves so light that their presence is barely felt when in use. They are also large and surround the ears perfectly, unlike other headphones where ear cups practically crush your earlobes. The best part though is the padding on the ear cups – it is made of memory foam. It results in the user attaining maximum comfort while using the HRM-7, even over long durations. It also eliminates any external noise that could interfere with the sound resonating through the device.

This headphone model also features dual air chambers. These result in an enhancement of the airflow which, in turn, causes the device to deliver a better bass response than most headphones.

Pioneer has also included replaceable ear pads, a 6.3-millimeter gold-plated jack for a stereo system, and a 1.2-meter side mount coil cord in the package.


  • Light in weight
  • Good blend of price and performance
  • Excellent quality of sound
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Well-controlled bass


  • Not suitable to be used in the studio booth
  • Does not arrive with a pouch

Pioneer HRM-7 Review – Wrap-Up

The user response to the launch of the HRM-7 professional studio headphones has been optimistic. Several users have spoken highly of the bass of this pair, claiming that its tightness exceeds that of other similar devices. Music aficionados who tend to use such devices for extended durations love this product because the elastic inner head strap and memory foam-filled ear pads are just so comfortable. Moreover, it is considered to be a budget-friendly pair which, when combined with the features it offers, makes it an overall good value for money.

The quality of sound through these headphones has also been appreciated, although it has been brought to attention that often the ‘S’ in particular audios can appear to be a bit splattered. Also, several users have complained that at high volumes, the HRM-7 often leaks sounds, which could destroy recordings.

Nevertheless, most users have loved the performance of these professional studio headphones by Pioneer. The isolation they provide when the ears are comfortably snuggled in the ear pads is remarkable. Furthermore, they are long-lasting and appear to be an investment for comfortable use over the years. The replaceable ear pads included in the package add to their longevity. Overall, they provide high-quality and crystal clear sound which remains unmatched by any similar device in the market. They are suitable for music producers working with the jazz or rock genres.

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