Discover the Best USB Mic to Use For Your Recording Situation This condenser microphone utilizes a high-quality FET preamp and gold-sputtered diaphragm to provide spectacular fidelity for direct guitar recording to a PC or Mac. The package includes the USB cable, tripod stand, and adapter to position the microphone for the best sound pickup.

Many varieties of USB microphones offer consumers great selections, but one size does not fit all—the best usb microphone depends on how each one will be used. Best quality depends on the application, and savvy consumers should choose the microphones best suited to their needs without spending more than necessary. Students, Internet dabblers, podcasters, and musicians have different needs.

Choosing a USB Microphone

Apple and most other computers offer built-in sound capability, but the audio quality fails to deliver a sound that is suitable to most tasks. Most USB microphones have a plug and play feature that is compatible with both Macs and PCs, but people should always check compatibility issues before buying a microphone. Consumers can choose from three microphone modes.



    1. Bidirectional. Bidirectional microphones pick up sound from both directions, and they are perfect for face-to-face inteviews.
    2. Omnidirectional. These computer peripherals register sound from any direction in the room, recording the output of bands, lectures, group events, or roundtable discussions.
    3. Cardioid. Cardioid microphones pick up sound from one direction and make suitable equipment for simple podcasts, singing, or individual voice-recording needs.


The size and shape of the microphone might also influence consumers, and online pictures of audio equipment taken out of context can often prove misleading. People should check out the actual dimensions or find pictures that include a reference point for comparison. What appears compact and portable online could present major difficulties when traveling.

The Best Microphones for Specific Projects

Unfortunately, simple honesty requires admitting that none of the USB choices reaches the quality level of top professional microphones, but these microphones can come remarkably close, and they offer affordability, portability, and convenience of operation.

People needing audio equipment for entry-level professional or hobbyist work enjoy great sound by choosing the right USB models for their particular work. Many of the models recommended work well for other applications, but a unique model has been chosen for each category listed below.

Best USB Mic for Vocals and Singing?

The Audio-Technica AT2020USB Condenser Microphone delivers crystal-clear sound for singing without costing an exorbitant amount of money.

The cardioid engineering focuses on the nearby sound, eliminating background noise and distortion to mimic the sound quality of a studio environment. The noise level makes it perfect for sophisticated recording equipment, and the low price makes it a viable alternative for excellent sound quality for anyone to use.

Best USB Mic for Podcasting

The Snowball USB Condenser Microphone provides multiple functions at the flip of switch. Consumers can record interviews, music, or single-voice podcasts by switching between the three recording modes: bidirectional, omnidirectional, or cardioid.

The microphone swivels to pick up sound, and plug-and-play convenience requires no additional computer software. The Snowball comes in brushed aluminum, white or black finish to match room décor and individual taste. Listeners first judge a podcast by the quality of the audio.

The value of the ideas will unfortunately depend on the sound quality listeners hear. A tiny voice distorted by background noise will cause many listeners to tune out and seek other entertainment. Investing in a quality microphone constitutes the single most critical preparation before beginning a podcasting project.

Best USB Mic for Voiceover Work?

Professional voice-over work offers home business opportunities, but the first requirement entrepreneurs face concerns the quality of their speaking voices.

Voices must engage listeners with their tonal quality and clear enunciation or provide some intangible personal quality that commands attention. Accurately reproducing that unique sound requires equipment that captures the subtleties of the human voice.

The better the equipment quality, the better the sound will be, so trying out the microphone makes the most sense. What works for one person might not capture the flavor of another person’s vocal tone; personal experience makes the best method of selection.

The Go Mic from Samsonworks equally well with Macs or PCs. The portable microphone clips easily to a laptop computer .and the compact design travels well.

This recording necessity includes a headset for consumers to hear the sound without the distraction of ambient background noise. The finish choices include black and white, and two different sound pickup patterns add recording versatility. The price makes great economic sense for beginners to obtain excellent audio results on a budget.

Best USB Mic for Rapping

The Shure PG42-USB Vocal Microphone receives five out of five stars in Amazon reviews, and generates outstanding fidelity for vocal recordings used by rappers for semiprofessional venues, hobbies, or many professional projects.

The PG42 reproduces sensitive nuances that enhance rapping performances, which relies heavily on accurate timing, rhythm, and the subtleties of vocal inflections. The microphones feature cardioid diaphragms that capture the essential quality of rap songs or challenges with stunning accuracy.

Digital recording offers convenience for recording rap vocals, and monitor-mixing controls allow musicians to blend playback audio and live vocals seamlessly. The 16-bit recording capability delivers audio quality better than compact discs. Built-in headphone jacks allow close monitoring of sound quality.

Best USB Mic for a MAC to use GarageBand?

GarageBand music-recording software offers many advantages for inexperienced recording artists to achieve professional results, but unfortunately the software does not allow recording from separate microphones on the same track.

If recording a duet, then an individual microphone captures the best audio fidelity of each voice. Fortunately, the Audio Midi Setup, which is a recording application most people do not know, provides a solution. The application allows multiple microphones to interface with GarageBand software for outstanding results.

The Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone makes the best choice for recording with GarageBand software. This versatile, multipattern device allows musicians to record in bi-directional, omnidirectional, cardioid, or stereo modes to create high-quality duets or band recordings without the need for extra microphones.

The digital converter generates great audio fidelity that transfers directly to the computer digitally, and the device includes a built-in headphone amplifier, simple controls, and an instant muting function.

Best USB Mic for an iPad

The iPad allows great ease for accessing online functions without needing to understand the specific technologies involved. The various applications take care of the technical details, so consumers can access an amazing variety of tools to read, record, and watch videos.

The Samson Meteor Mic allows iPad users to record great audio, but consumers will need a couple of extra accessories. The iPad does not have USB ports, so an Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit is need to connect the two devices. Free applications, such as the AudioMemos SE, provide the needed software to allow recording directly to the iPad.

The Samson Meteor records rich sound for podcasts, Skype, music recordings, or any sound application. The apparatus features one of the largest diaphragms of any USB microphone, producing professional results that screen out ambient noise with its cardioid pickup pattern.

The device looks like a little rocket ship that rests on a tripod-launching platform. The leg lengths adjust for optimum recording quality, and a headphone input allows latency monitoring.

Best USB Mic for a Conference Call

Conference calls often create hearing difficulties for some participants, especially in large-group situations, such as boardroom meetings.

VOIP speakerphones often fail to pick up voices located far from the speaker, and those participants often cannot hear everything other speakers say during the call. The MXL AC404 USB Conference Microphone includes a built-in speaker to amplify sound, making it the perfect choice for the boardroom table.

The sound quality for pickups and transmissions proves reliable and consistent, even in noisy environments. The long six-foot USB cable allows connection to peripheral computers, and conference-table groups can Skype or Use Google Talk to enjoy crisp, clear conference calls. The device uses boundary technology, gain control, and custom circuitry to produce the most professional quality sound regardless of environment.

Best USB Mic to use for Dragon Speaking Naturally

Dragon Speaking Naturally software converts voice into text, and accurate sound increases the efficiency, resulting in fewer mistakes in transcriptions that must be corrected after dictation.

The CAD U2 USB Stereo Headphone with Microphone provides excellent results at an inexpensive price, producing very few errors. Consumers can adjust the microphone’s position for outstanding reception, even in rooms where background noise might interfere with voice recognition.

The cardioid pattern reduces background sound, and the CAD manufacturer has produced quality microphones for 75 years. The headphones fit very comfortably and provide the added advantage of listening to music without disturbing other people.

Best USB Mic for Gaming

Gamer headphones improve communication in multiplayer games, and garbled audio could result in poorer game play.

Choosing the best headset to hear voices perfectly becomes a critical requirement of success. The Ear Force X11 Amplified Stereo Headset with Chat provides superior audio back and forth, reproducing deep bass sounds with remarkable clarity.

Explosions, gunshots, and game noises come through perfectly to stimulate adrenaline production, which enables game players to speed up their reaction times. Ear cups provide great acoustics.

Best USB Mic for a Guitar?

The MXL 990 USB Stereo Condenser Microphone mike connects directly to a computer for great accuracy recording guitar output, and musicians do not need mixers or special gear.


This condenser microphone utilizes a high-quality FET preamp and gold-sputtered diaphragm to provide spectacular fidelity for direct guitar recording to a PC or Mac. The package includes the USB cable, tripod stand, and adapter to position the microphone for the best sound pickup.

Best USB Mic for Karaoke?

The Logitech Wii Vantage USB Microphoneprovides reliable rendering of singing voices for karaoke applications.

The handheld microphone was designed specifically for karaoke, so it showcases voices at their best. A 15-foot cable allows plenty of movement during performances, and the price makes an incredible bargain for under $20.

The microphone works well for games such as Guitar Hero, but does not offer the multiplayer benefits for other games that the Ear Force X11 gives gamers. The inexpensive microphone works perfectly well for karaoke, and the price advantage makes the choice a no-brainer.

Best USB Mic for Kindle Fire?

Amazon produced the Kindle Fire as an alternative to more expensive tablets and Ipads, but the device lacks a built-in microphone or camera.

Most consumers consider sound-recording capability an essential tool, so Kindle Fire users must choose an exterior mike to talk or record memos. Spending a lot of money would defeat the entire purpose of buying a Kindle Fire tablet in the first place, however, so the main requirement for a microphone resides in the price.

The DBSound High Fidelity Stereo Headset offers the perfect balance of price, portability, and function to make it a perfect fit for Kindle Fire. Priced around $10, the package adds convenient listening capability while traveling without disturbing other people. Three sizes of ear buds allow consumers a great fit.

Best USB Mic for Skype and iChat?

Using Skype, MSN, Yahoo or iChat applications to talk online saves the costs of international calling, but the best microphone should include video capability so people could enjoy all the features of free calling services.

The Hue HD USB Webcam has a built-in microphone and easily connects to any device, adding both video and audio capabilities.

The innovative design allows consumers to position their devices in many ways for high definition video and superior sound quality. Consumers can record live videos and send them to friends and family online with amazing ease right out of the box. The free services such as Skype and others allow chatting in real time with people from all over the globe.

Best USB Mic for a PC to use with Windows 7 & 8?

Most modern computers enjoy built-in sound and video capability, so the main reason for choosing an exterior USB microphone is to improve the sound quality of vocal and music recordings.

The Marshall MXL.006 Condenser Microphone delivers rich sound that matches professional CD recordings.

The device works well for multiple functions such as podcasting, conferencing, music recording, and adding dialogue to presentations or websites. Since it is a plug-and-play device, consumers can use it without installing new drivers or software.

The microphone provides great options for location newscasts, and the audio fidelity generates smooth sounds that approach professional broadcasts in overall quality.

The best USB microphone depends on how a consumer will use it. Choose the right quality and best price for the greatest value.

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