I think most people would agree that a sound system is only as good as its speakers. While it is imperative for sound technicians to have access to high-quality speakers, having a good speaker in your home can make your music come to life. Music from a high-quality speaker sounds crisp and well defined. These factors add up and result in a more pleasant experience for your ears.

A studio monitor is designed to reproduce sound as accurately as possible. This makes for a far better listening experience no matter what you’re listening to. The only problem is that they can be a bit on the pricey side. But just like anything else, there are high-quality options available which are bank account friendly. So to enhance the sound quality of your studio here are the best studio monitors for under $1,000 2019.

Best Studio Monitors Under $1000

Adam Audio A8X Powered Studio Monitor

Adam Audio A8X Powered Studio Monitor
  • General Size: Near-fieldSystem type: ActiveConfiguration:...

The A8X studio monitor by Adam Audio is a great place to start when looking at economical studio monitors. Adam Audio is one of the leaders in the sound tech industry with many innovations which lead to higher quality products.

The A8X contains an X-ART tweeter which assists in the reproduction of sounds and improves the quality. Adam Audio is known for their proprietary components so you can rest assured that this tweeter is high-grade. Its 8.5” mid-woofer also works with the tweeter to produce tight sounding bass and mid-range frequencies.

As Meghan Trainor once said “it’s all about that bass” and she’s totally right in regards to music. Bass gets your body moving and you blood pumping. This mid woofer also produces frequencies which help with the sound definition as well. To further improve the bass, the A8X is also equipped with double bass reflex tubes that are designed mainly to work with the mid-woofer. Because they’re designed to work together, they produce a very professional bass quality.

The slanted upper corners of this monitor reduce reflections which make them sound more direct. The last thing you want in a sound system is for it to sound muffled or distant. With the A8X that’s never something you need to worry about. It is a tad bit on the bulky side, however, so finding a good spot for it can be a little tricky. But once you do find somewhere to position it, the mass of it makes it look like a pretty impressive showpiece.

KRK Rokit Powered 10-3 Pair Mid-Field 3-Way Powered Studio Monitor

KRK Rokit RP10-3 Mid-Field 10-Inch 3-Way Powered Studio...
  • True 3-Way Design - mids utilize their own driver for neutral mid...
  • Axis Control - for positioning vertically or horizontally without...
  • Mid-Field - Mid-field monitor, with the optimal operating distance of...
  • Curved Baffle virtually eliminates diffraction distortion
  • Front-firing Port - Optimized to reduce turbulence and boundary...

KRK provides us with an excellent product which combines quality and affordability. Their Rokit Powered monitor is one of the best studio monitors available for under $1,000.

Having 3-way speakers makes it better at delivering high-end sound on all fronts from low-range to mid-range to high-range. It’s also rather lightweight and portable which allows for easy relocation. This can be especially useful if you intend to bring it to different venues instead of leaving it at home.

Another feature which makes it ideal for use in various environments is that the section which holds the mid driver and tweeter has a rotation of 90 degrees. This allows you to place it on its side without diminishing the quality. Sometimes this can be crucial as setting up in different places usually means having to customize your setup to fit the location.

To reduce background noise, the portholes have been made nicely rounded. Because who wants to hear their loudspeaker “breathing”? Anyone enjoying this speaker with you will appreciate the reduction in airflow sounds coming from it. One thing the KRK doesn’t offer is acoustic space settings to adjust bass levels; you have to pay attention to its placement so that the sound resonates the way you want it to. While this may be perceived as a design flaw, it can also be used to your advantage as you will be forced to place it in the best spot possible which will improve the sound quality overall. It’s lightweight, portable design certainly helps with this as well.

M-Audio BX8 D2 Studio Monitor

M-Audio BX8 D2 8-Inch Active 2-Way Studio Monitor Speakers
  • Bi-amplified recording studio monitor with 130 watts of distributed...
  • Class A/B bi-amplification with precision crossover lets each speaker...
  • 8-Inch low-frequency transducer with Kevlar cones for rich, defined...
  • 1.25-Inch high-frequency drivers with natural silk domes and...
  • Rear porting for extended low-frequency response while reducing air...

Another great studio monitor is the BX8 by M-Audio. Sporting a bi-amplification, the BX8 has great quality bass as well as treble. By allowing two different amplifiers to specialize in bass and treble makes the sound more refined in their subsequent categories.

Low frequencies sound rich by utilizing its 8-inch low-frequency transducer makes dropping the bass that much more satisfying. You’ll feel it coursing through your body as it plays. On the other end of the spectrum, it has 1.25-inch high-frequency drivers, allowing the high-range frequencies to come out sounding crisp and clear. Overall the combination of the two gives these speakers a very refined sound quality.

Perhaps the best feature of this product is its magnetic shielding. Magnets are electronic equipment’s worst enemy, but because both magnets and electronics are required to make speakers work this can be a bit of a balancing act. You normally have to keep a reasonable distance between your speakers and your equipment. But with the BX8 you never need to worry about positioning your equipment to protect it from your speakers.

One issue which may arise with the BX8 is a lack of bass power. While the bass sounds are very well defined due to bi-amplification, they may not be powerful enough for specific uses. This can be remedied by having a spare subwoofer on the side in case you need that extra bass kick. Having a backup subwoofer can result in higher quality bass no matter which loudspeakers you choose.

Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor

Yamaha Hs8 Studio Monitor, Black
  • 8 inch cone woofer and 1 inch dome tweeter; Produce low distortion...
  • 38Hz to 30kHz frequency response; Power consumption: 60 watts
  • 75W LF plus 45W HF bi amp system 120W total; Level control...
  • Room control and high trim response controls
  • XLR and TRS phone jack inputs. Crossover: 2kHz

Yamaha is a well-known company for making high-quality sound equipment that’s incredibly affordable. So it’s no wonder that they produce one of the best studio monitors for under $1,000. In fact, the HS8 is extremely inexpensive so you can be sure to have the world-renowned sound quality of Yamaha while keeping your bank account in check! For many people, the price is the deciding factor when purchasing sound equipment. At its low price, the HS8 is a top pick for those looking to save big without compromising quality.

With an 8-inch cone woofer, it can pump out great sounding bass without the rumble. Yamaha’s consistent design ensures that the woofer can handle even the highest volumes without producing unwanted noise. The 1-inch tweeter gives it incredibly clear highs as well, providing well-rounded sound for any music from electronic to country and even classical.

Having room control coupled with high trim response controls allows you to even customize the output to suit the room it’s in. No matter the acoustics of its surroundings, this monitor can be adjusted to sound great at all times. All these fantastic features come at a price that gives you a great bang for your buck!

One features it sort of lacks is portability. While it is highly portable, it does not have a front shield meaning that the diaphragm can be damaged in transit if you’re not careful. But it’s a delicate piece of equipment so you should already be taking precautions when transporting it. Because of this it really doesn’t make too much of a difference, just ensure that it’s protected or that you lift it safely when relocating it.

My Recommendation

There are plenty of great studio monitors out there who can augment your recording with great quality sound. When it comes to picking the best studio monitor for under $1,000 it’s important to be aware of the brand name and make sure that it offers the exact features you need.

Generally speaking, I would personally recommend the Adam Audio A8X Powered Studio Monitor. Because it’s so well rounded and produces such high-quality sound, it’s an obvious top pick. Adam Audio is renowned for providing excellent equipment and it is always nice to have a good brand behind you. Due to the proprietary components in the A8X, it produces a degree of quality which can’t be reproduced by other studio monitors.

The other options are also fantastic for different purposes, but the A8X is an extremely well-rounded product. In the end, you need to select the studio monitor which best suits your needs. So you really should look into all the available options to make sure that your ears receive the best treatment possible.

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