Electric ViolinIf you still don’t have credible knowledge in a best electric violin despite being a musician, then it truly is high time you’ve come across this astounding musical instrument. An electric violin is nothing dissimilar than that of a normal musician’s acoustic violin but, this is a violin that works better while connected to the music system through wires. The term electric refers to the digitalization of this musical instrument. The predominant advantage of this electrical instrument other than the acoustic instrument is that- you can go for electrical connection with an electric violin which you cannot do with an acoustic violin. As a result, you won’t be able to amplify the volume or manipulate music in your acoustic one but surely can do with the electric violin.

Whatever the condition is and wherever you are up to play your cheap electric violin, you better make sure that you’ve gone through the electric violin reviews. There are a good number of differences and playing guidelines in case of an electric violin, and that’s why you better be acquainted with the customs before starting the play. For beginners, electric violin might not be the perfect choice for a startup but for the musicians who are to ix violin in their music, can surely go for a good electric violin. However, there are lots of this, and that’s while you are up with an electric violin. These are to be regarded after you’ve come across with some astounding ones currently dominant in the markets.

In the markets, you’ll get different models of electric violins. But in the case, you are up to buying a new one and would surely love to have something that meets you your requirements for the money you can afford. It’s not like you are buying one for now and checking up to meet the best requirements when you buy the second one. Be always precise and a bit tricky at the very first time to grab the best one out of the mass market of electric violins. To do so, it’s always the electric violin reviews which shall help you the best. But the addition to that, you should know some credible characteristics of a present electric violin. In that order, below are three of the best-renowned models detailed in brief for your convenience and ease of understanding

Top 3 Electric Violin Reviews:

Cecilio 4/4CEVN-2BK Solid Wood Electric/Silent Violin

Cecilio 4/4CEVN-2BK Solid Wood Electric/Silent Violin with...
  • Size 4/4, style 2 electric / silent violin in black metallic varnish...
  • Hand-carved solid maple wood body with ebony fingerboard, pegs, chin...
  • Powered by a 9V Alkaline battery (included)
  • Includes: lightweight hard case, Brazil wood bow with unbleached...
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects

If you are looking for something that is cheap and affordable but will meet most of the features that a player would like to have, then surely the Cecilio Violin is one of the best choices. This is truly a best electric violin 2019 having most of the features that are in the line for a musician. The best feature in this product lies in its outlook. It is somewhat similar in outlook like an acoustic violin but is a very nice electric violin. People who are looking for a very nice electric violin but can afford money under 150$, surely this one is one of the greatest choices. Below are some of the best features of this product:

  1. Plywood construction: This electric violin is made up of nice, lightweight and outstanding quality plywood which makes it much more fantastic from not only its outlook but in its playing aerodynamics. It has quality finishing all over and comes to you with 4 tailpieces at the backend of all the 4 strings for fine-tuning.
  2. Playing support: For the player, this product might truly be a comfortable one as there are enough space for chin rest, pegs and shoulder rest. In addition to that, the ebony fingerboard is very smooth and give the player a silky feeling which he/she sweeps finger over it.
  3. 9V powered pickup: Right at the bottom end of the strings, there is a crystal attached to the bridge. This is powered by a 9V battery inbuilt in the product. This extra power lets you to grab the strings music with better precision for further processing at the amplifier end.
  4. Acoustic feeling: If you suppose that you can play this electric violin without powering it up, you can also go for it. Don’t worry as it won’t create a lot of noise and disturb others. The main plus point in this product is; although it is the best electric violin from the core, it can also be used as a best acoustic violin.
  5. Color and coating: You can get different colors in ADM 4/4 electric violin. But mostly, black glossy finishing is seen to be preferred by most of the violin lovers. The total body of this violin is finished with spray and is sprayed with highly glossy colors.
  6. Hard case: This product comes to you with a hard case from. Inside the hard case, there are spaces and enough rooms to keep all the things steady in the foamy grooves. This case allows you to carry all the necessary things of this electric violin line 9V alkaline battery, rosin cake, aux cable, headphones, student bow, etc. to carry very safely.

Vangoa Black Full Size 4/4

Vangoa - Black Full Size 4/4 Vintage Solid Wood Metallic...
  • 【Great Material】Quality maple wood body in black metallic varnish...
  • 【Good Sound】Carbon fiber tailpiece with 4 detachable fine tuners...
  • 【Silent Practice & Amplifier Solo】Play the violin whenever you are...
  • 【Full Size】It is suited to students, adults, beginners, and...
  • 【Useful Kit】It comes with a case, extra strings, rosin, and...

When the brand matters and music quality as well, it is always Vangoa! This is the brand that gives you utmost satisfaction at both- the quality of the musical instrument and the produced music as well. Vangoa full size 4/4 electronic violin is one of the best models of electric violins. This product is charming in black which makes it outlook more dazzling than you can ever think. For your better convenience, below are some of the credible technical features

  1. Oval shaped body: This product has an oval-shaped border on the side of the violin player which helps the player to have the feeling just like an acoustic violin.
  2. Floating tailpiece: There is a floating tailpiece right at the bottom end of this best electric violin. This portion of the violin holds the electric cord over the players shoulder so perfectly that the joint connection spot never gets tension. Therefore, the output sound is never hassled is duped.
  3. Equalizer inbuilt: Just right in the back of the tailpiece, there is an inbuilt equalizer. You can either turn this on or skip this equalizer by just turning off this inbuilt feature in order to receive high end equalization from the amplifier you connect with it. Operations are way easier than any other.
  4. Output headphone/line jack: In this best electric violin, you get the lines for headphones and line jacks which are powered by a DC 9 volt battery that is mountable right in this product. This is the option with which, you can practice playing this violin even in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping. This won’t create any noise and you’ll be able to hear what you are playing through a dedicated earphone.
  5. Comfort: This product passes all the Vangoa service qualities and allows the user to play it with utmost chin comfort and accessibility. The shoulder rest is also made up of fine materials which gets perfect fit. Out and out this is just an ace in the electric violin world or music lovers.

NS Design WAV 4 Violin

NS Design WAV 4 Violin Amberburst
  • Solid maple Body and neck with figured Maple top
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Precision 40: 1 fine tuners with automatic string clamping
  • Polar directional piezo pickup system
  • Passive-no battery required

If you are looking for a best electric violin with black glossy finishing all over, then surely the NS Designs WAV-4 is one of the best you can ever get. This is one astounding quality electric violin that possesses all the credible features that a musician would like to have. For your better information, below are some of the technical and general features in brief-

  1. Dependability: The WAV-4 is designed with extra care and made up of rigid materials. This helps you to use the product over and over again for a good life span. Besides, this product allows you to operate easily and with comfort.
  2. Color: The violin is coated with black glossy coatings. This gives the violin a dashing outlook and takes the players mid away to the souls.
  3. Volume and tone control matter: This product doesn’t include any sort of battery mechanism. Sometimes battery mechanism creates magnetic interferences which creates noise in the output music. As there is no sort of battery mechanism, it produces crystal clear sound. In addition to that, there are polar pickups which are the best choice for picking the music up from the strings directly to the wires in electric form.
  4. Marvelous ebony fingerboard: The violin has got astounding finishing on its ebony fingerboard. This place is way comfort and dazzling for a musicians fingers to roll or sweep without any pain or discomfort.
  5. Playing support: The product is highly curved from the inside and outside as well. Thus it allows for the ergonomic shoulder and chin rest for the player which makes it way more lucrative for the player. From the bottom to its end, it has all the credible qualities a player would endeavor.
  6. Hard foam case: This product especially comes to you with a hard case with black color finishing. In the inside of the case, there are foam and comfortable fabrics which keeps the electric violin safe from traumatic hazards from the outsides or inside. In addition to that, there is room for keeping 2 bows, output cable, shoulder rest and other extra necessary cables in the case.

Things to remember prior to buying the best electric violin:

Prior to buying an electric violin, there are a few things that you should always bear in mind. Some of the most important ones are briefly listed below-

  1. Make sure to go through the electric violin reviews: When you are up to buying a new electric violin, go online to search wide categorized electric violins in different price ranges. If you are looking violins under 500$ then make sure to go through the specifications pretty well to get the knowledge prior to buying. When you are at the store, it will help you to match the features with practical experiences.
  2. Make sure to take a hard case: Although you might feel that buying an electric violin hard case is unnecessary, always refer to buying a hard case right at the moment of buying a new electric violin. Hard cases will help you to keep and safeguard the violin and make you use it for a long prolonged time.
  3. Headphones for beginners: If you are a rookie/beginner in the electric violin sphere, then make sure that you choose something that can go with headphone playing. This will help you to practice whenever you want without hampering others in your vicinity.

Things to remember after buying a perfect electric violin:

When you have bought your best perfect electric violin, there are also a few things to keep in mind like-

  1. Safekeeping: Use your hard case each and every time you keep the violin at rest after a practice session or play. If you don’t do such, the body of your violin might get unexpected scratches and sometimes the tailpieces fine-tuning knobs might get a few dirt stuck. This will cause you to hassle in fine-tuning the strings in the future.
  2. Don’t tighten the strings harder: If you tighten the violin strings way harder than necessary, then the bridge holding the strings might even break or get cracked. Defy doing that so because the bridge holds the crystal which picks the sound from the strings up. Therefore, it is always recommended that you tighten the strings and tune the strings in the lower tune.
  3. Keep the electric violin in a dry place: Always refer to safe-keep your electric violin in a dry place. Keeping the violin in any humid or wet place might get the violin material to get damaged. However, it is always recommended that you keep your electric violin in a dry place.


What is a good electric violin?


Top 10 Best Electric Violins
  • Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin Outfit.
  • Yamaha SV130SBL Concert.
  • ViolinSmart EV20 Electric Violin.
  • Bunnel NEXT Silent Violin.
  • Wood Violin Stingray SV Series Electric Violin Metallic Black.
  • DZStrad E201.
  • Yamaha YEV105NT.
  • Stagg EVN X-4/4 MBL.

How much does an electric violin cost?

Outlined violins run from about $2,000 at the high end to entry-level student models for about $350. (Note: The lower end models are viable instruments that sound surprisingly good for the cost, but are most appropriate for solo practice situations, or someone wanting to test the waters of an electric violin.)

Are electric violins good for beginners?

Beginners should look for acoustic violins

Also, teachers would prefer if you had an acoustic violin. The main reason why acoustic violins are better for beginners is that they produce a resonant sound, unlike the electric violin which uses technology and wires to make the sound.

How does the electric violin work?

Equipped with a sound box, the classical violin does not need any particular technology to work. It uses a classical bridge, which is placed on the body of the violin and is sustained by the pressure of the strings. The bridge facilitates the transmission of the vibration of the strings to the sound box

Can you use regular violin strings on an electric violin?

No. You can use regular violin strings and a regular violin bow with your electric instrument. A. No, but it is quieter then an acoustic. Because of the materials used in building electric violins, it will not produce the sound that an acoustic violin does.ddd

How loud is an electric violin?

Peak volume was measured in decibels while playing on the E string, loudly, with the bow. For comparison, an intermediate acoustic violin with metal practice mute was 80 db, and an electric guitar played loudly with a pick was 78 db


When you are thinking of playing a violin in digitalized form and would like to manipulate the violin music with different mixes, then you can go for an electric violin rather than an acoustic violin. Although an acoustic violin produces the real and original sound of a violin but you won’t feel the electric violin having great differences. You can also get your electric violin to sound as an acoustic violin. However, in that order, you’ll certainly require better sound mixing skills and make sure that interference becomes as less as possible. Being a musician, you better make the best use of an electric violin and if you are a beginner; always refer to go through the best electric violin reviews prior to finalizing the buying decision.

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